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Adrian –

Victim Location 95032

Total money lost $730

Type of a scam Identity Theft

An email from a friend with a link to a patriotic video unleashed a virus that produced a flashing warning on the computer screen and a recorded voice that the computer was infected with a virus and could not be turned off. Owner should not touch computer but should call 888-299-7260 immediately. Upon speaking with someone who represented himself as a Microsoft technician, they used fear tactics to convince my elderly Mother to allow them to remotely log onto her computer for 1.5 hours to "fix the virus and download lots of Microsoft Computer anti virus software" (malware actually) and charged her $730 for 3 years of MS Technical support. They also asked her for her user ID and password to her credit card account, her SSN, and DOB, all of which she gave to them. This scam started out as a Microsoft Support and Credit Card Scam, but ended up a successful Identity Theft scam against the Elderly.

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