Real Revenue or Net Systems

Walter –

Victim Location 48453

Type of a scam Investment

This article confirmed for me and we were able to cancel the credit cards. They represent themselves on the phone as Real Revenue, but the credit card charges came as Net Systems – Arizona

The caller represented that she would receive monthly checks if she invested with them. She felt like they sounded very legitimate. Stated she was referred to them.

They almost got 3 charges of $9999 ($29997) on 3 separate credit cards – but fraud alerts to the victims daughter prevented it….Dave at Real Revenue has yet to return my call. He did call my mother back to tell her one of her children called to say that she has dementia and isn’t responsible to make these charges. Unsuccessfully tried to turn her against the ones who love her most. She feels ashamed and was only trying to do something good for her family.

…Bottom feeders…

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