Real Ispat Power Ltd

Brandi –

Victim Location 08901

Type of a scam Employment

Victim was contacted through cell phone saying his resume was pulled off popular job site for college students, HANDSHAKE. Offered quick employment at Real Ispat & Power Ltd (a company located in India) after an interview anytime the victim was available since the "hiring manager" was always available. This was the first sign. Victim was then told to interview with a Mr. Bryan Xiong through Google Hangouts, very informal and odd. The interview process was just a text back and forth with the victim answering questions based on Data Entry specialist. This Bryan then asked for his basic information, which should have been already available on my resume. When the victim asked to confirm the details on his resume, this Bryan sent completely wrong information, sending information of someone who lived in FL. After the victim told him the information was wrong, he didn’t seem to care and continued with the "interview": another sign. After the interview, the victim was offered the job at $37.10/hour. He said in order to prepare for this work-from-home job, the victim would have to buy the right equipment that would be offered through company funds. This doesn’t seem right, as there have been scams where funds have been added to a bank account only for more to be taken out. The scammer asked for the victim’s mailing address, this is where the victim felt uncomfortable sharing this information through google hangouts and asked for any type of verification from the scammer. The scammer was hesitant, saying it is okay and to trust him and previous employees were also hesitant and they were right to trust him. After the victim told the scammer he would not send this information over to him. After a back and forth, the scammer hesitantly agreed to send a letter of employment to the victim’s email address, which never got sent.

Terrance –

Victim Location 76016

Type of a scam Employment

This company is based out of India, but they claimed they’re opening new branches in the US and Canada. The scammer even conducted an entire interview and told me I would be paid $27.00 an hour for a data entry job.

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