Real Estate Syndicate Group of America (“Resgoa”)

Kristi –

Victim Location 97027

Type of a scam Employment

"RESGOA" is running this ad in Portland and Seattle Craigslist, offering a $20/hr work-from-home job for posting ads for a real estate syndicate:

I applied and got back this email the next day, saying that I need to pay $97.50 to get started: (It was from a "no reply" email address with the disclaimer, ***Please do not reply directly to this email as it is sent from our candidate management server and will not be received***)

Thanks for your interest in RESGOA.

My name is Aaron Gilsner and i am the National Recruiting Manager with RESGOA. I’ve reviewed your assessment test and would like to move you forward to the next stage of our process.

In this email I will provide you with some additional details regarding our available opening along with some information regarding next steps.

Please read this email in its entirety prior to continuing in our process as I will be outlining several requirements and conditions.

First – here are a few of our requirements:

Must be 18 years of age or older

Must be authorized to work in the US

Must have a working computer, internet connection and phone line (for listening to voicemail inquiries)

Must have the ability to work 2 hours per day

Must possess basic computer skills

As described in our advertisement, this position is scheduled to begin on November 18th. We are currently in the process of selecting qualified individuals to join our team and attend our online training class. On the 18th, we will provide several training time options throughout the day in order to accommodate each persons schedule. We anticipate filling our positions very quickly due to the volume of applications that are coming in. If you are not selected to join our team we will contact you directly with the details of our decision.

If you are selected to join our team your offer will be contingent upon the immediate completion of the followin 2 tasks.

1st – we will email you a copy of an advertisement which we will ask you to post on the free classified ad site – CRAIGSLIST. You will post the advertisement as soon as possible and send us a copy of the link in order to confirm that you are capable of placing online ads. Craigslist ads are free to post and may require that you create a free account.

2nd – If accepted, you will be required to place a refundable deposit with us in order to secure your spot in our upcoming training class. This deposit is 100% refunded back to you during your first week of work and is necessary for us to protect our initial start up costs that are endured when bringing a new member onto our team. When we hire a new Regional Market Assistant, we immediate order them a new phone number, premium email address, time sheet user account, etc. Additionally, we mail everyone a mail fulfillment kit which includes several items that will be needed for the position, including envelopes, labels, company literature, marketing materials etc. These are all items that you may use periodically to mail out literature/marketing materials as needed. Our costs are significant when recruiting a new Market Assistant and we need to be sure that when we hire a new team member that they are fully committed to showing up for training and starting on the 18th. If something comes up and you are no longer able to attend training, just let us know with 10 days notice prior to training and we will provide a full refund. The deposit amount is $97.50 and can be placed using any credit or debit card except for Discover Card. All transactions are processed on our secure site. By using a debit or credit card, your transaction is automatically protected from fraud. Once the deposit is submitted, your card statement will show a transaction of $95 from RESGOA, Inc. Prior to placing your deposit, you will be supplied with a copy of our deposit terms so you have them in writing.

If you are interested in moving forward, simply complete the final questionnaire through the link below to confirm your understanding of the above conditions. Once your final questionnaire is received we will immediately respond with instructions for placing your "test" Craigslist ad along with the deposit agreement.

Here is the final questionnaire link:

Confirmation and Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

Thanks again for your interest.

Aaron Gilsner

Recruiting Manager

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