Patrick –

Victim Location 93721

Type of a scam Employment

I looking for a job so i have been applying to different places vai indeed and other job sites. Received a mail the email [email protected]

on JUNE 27 ,2019 by 9:42am from one Karen Gray who sent me an application and said she reviewed my resume and was convinced i could do the job and i should fill out the application which i ignorantly did giving my full name, employment history, address, email and zip code i did not think anything was wrong until this morning on June 28th, 2019 at 5:20am i got a response saying i have received the job and would earn 3000 in two weeks, they also sent a new application with the terms an condition of employment agreement and ask me to fill it up sign and scan back to them and also asked me to include a scanned copy of my government photo issued ID or DL both side and selfie with ID or DL and asked me to give them a call on a whatsapp number +1(647)557 3126. That was when i sensed it was a scam. So i responded to the mail and asked them to give me their physical address so i could do a walk in and identify myself with them for the job position. They did not respond to the mail but i received a call from a number which sounded like that of a lady with a foreign assent on +1 (415) 670-9590 and i still insisted that she gives the address to their office but she told me they are about to open a branch in my area and all that so i informed them that am convinced its a scam and i was no longer interested in the job. Note: ( having issues with attaching all the documents sent contact me if you need any other information. I hope and pray they get caught to stop them from scamming people who worked hard and clean of their money) As long as my identity isn’t reviewed for security reasons i would be willing to give any other info to help.

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