Ready Dachshund

Sandra – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 12534

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted these people when my boyfriend and I were looking to get a dog. At first it seemed legit and I messaged this website and they replied quickly and with all the pictures of the dog we were interested in. After getting more information like their address and phone number I decided to PayPal them my payment. They refused to accept goods and services so then I got suspicious but stupidly decided I would send friends/family because I understood that goods/services would limit their account. Immediately after sending the payment I did research and I couldn’t find anyone in MT with this name and the owners of the house of the address they gave was in no way connected to their name. I asked for a refund and they continued to say they would send one and never did. I lost $600, please don’t make the same mistake!

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