Ready 2 Move

Darrell –

Victim Location 30044

Total money lost $98,000

Type of a scam Moving

I called and got four different quotes from different moving companies, with Mover 65 being the cheapest. I spoke with a man named David. He quoted me $85.00 for three men an hour with 2 $40.00 trip charges. David also so ensured me that they do not hire day labor workers, all staff was full-time employees, and they were licensed and bonded. I scheduled a move for August 04, 2018 at 2:00 pm.

When the movers arrived at 6:47 pm, I was asked to sign a paper acknowledging their move at $95.00 an hour. I signed it and said I would call David

At 8:50 pm we started wrapping it up because we needed to be in Gwinnett County before 10:00 pm. Laurence asked me for the address to the storage unit; I told him he should have it because I gave it to David, I said my phone is dead let me get in my truck and charge my phone, and I will text it to him. One of the other movers said “we can just follow her” Laurence walked up to me and said no I needed the address, so I tried to give him my work address because it is right across the street from my job. Laurence said no, what’s the name of the storage space to he could google it. So, Laurence spoke the name of the storage unit into his phone, and I clicked on 30096

Extra Space Storage. We were in the vehicles at 9:00 pm, Laurence was not ready to pull off until 9:15 pm. Once we got on the HWY 285 East, I called David to find out what was going on with the staff that was day labor and lazy. David denied knowing anything about the new hire’s, David said he would call me back, I also informed him we were not going to make it to Gwinnett County by 10:00 pm. He never did. I tried to call Laurence (518-542-7443) three times, and he never answered. I texted him at 9:40 to let him know we were not going to make it by 10:00 pm, so we needed to just go to the apartments Lawrenceville, GA 30044. I hear from Laurence by 9:55 pm when I got off the exit, so I went 30096 (Storage unit) anyway. I was there by 10:00 pm, Laurence called me are 10:15 pm and said he was at the storage unit. I asked where because I was at the storage unit then he said he was in a residential area and he did not see the storage unit, so I asked him where was he, he refused to tell me, I asked him what exit did he get off on he said he did not know he said he got off were the GPS told him to get off at and he began to blame me for putting in the wrong address and he started screaming at me. I hung up and called David. David said, Laurence told him I gave him the wrong address, and he asked what do we need to do next. I said meet me at the apartment Lawrenceville, GA 30044.

At 11:00 pm I still had not heard from Laurence or David and they were not answering my calls. My last call to David I left a VM letting him know I was about to file a police report.

Laurence called to say he ran out of gas and the other two guys jumped out of the truck and left. I said ok and hung up.

Now delivery date change to Monday, August 6, 2018

I arrived at Extra Space Storage 3357 Breckenridge Blvd 30096 at 8:58 am, I reached out to 3 friends to let them know what was going on because I am fearful at this point. I sat there until around 9:40 am, then I went in the office to speak with the staff (Zack) I asked him if the camera work and he said yes, so informed him on what was going on and told him I was leaving to file a police report.

I filed a claim with my insurance company and they said David Thompson told them I owned them approximately $1800.00

I called them after that to make arrangement for delivery and they would not speak with me.

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