Readings By Ginger

Darrell –

Victim Location 32776

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

Good Afternoon,

Thought you might be able to investigate and possibly warn others of a business committing Fraud . Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I went to see a Psychic at an establishment that goes by “Readings by Ginger”. Our appointment was scheduled early that morning and confirmed to be done at 3 in the afternoon and the other reading at 4 , giving us an hour each. Upon arriving, I new something felt very off with how she was fast talking and not being very clear on how she performs her readings as well as the fees associated with it. No specification on a time limit , just briefly saying she uses her psychic awareness and additional fee for cards or palmistry. Most others we have went to are a lot more professional with a time limit, style of reading and explain a brief history of their God or Goddess they commune and work with. My daughter and I being Wiccan are very aware of metaphysical beliefs and have knowledge with tarot cards, crystals, healings and so forth.

My daughters reading was a max of 10 minutes not the hour she had asked for and Ginger states to her that she didn’t have too much to tell her since her life is good basically. That was $85.00 and she needed it in cash since her swipe credit card machine was out. Another thing we were not told before the session began. Now , its my turn and this is where it gets bizarre.

She starts it off by saying that everything she tells me is to be kept between me, her and God. Umm, I wear a pentacle and not my faith but respectfully smile and tell her to continue. She says it again and tells me how important it is that I tell no one. Red Flag here, but I remain composed as she starts telling me how she feels I am so sad, been thru a lot , and there is so much negativity and darkness around me. Really, really bad negativity and that has her so worried for not only my future plans but for both my daughters as well. Wow, I say and push her to go on , because I definitely know where this is going now and start to realize this is Fraud at the highest level.

My original question to her was I am in the process of selling my home and was curious how soon and if my business would thrive when I move out of state since I work with my ex husband as a partner. Bingo, she ran with that little bit of info and proceeded to ask me how much my house is for sale, I answer $$$,000.00 and how much did I buy it for , and I answer $$$,000.00 and then she says I must have a lot of money in a savings account to move. How much do I have saved away ??? Seriously, this is the craziest experience I have ever had and am trying to keep composed so I can see how far she is going to go with this. She insisted I had a substantial amount of money and I was not telling her which is now adding to the negativity that surrounds me. Goddess, if I had the kind of money she thought I had , I would be on a vacation not sitting here with her !!!

It did go further to the point that not only was I heavily cursed since before birth, which was because my mother was cursed, all the way to how this curse is effecting my daughters and how as a mother could I be letting this happen to them ?( I am the type of mom that my daughters are my entire life.) She went on to say how much money would you spend for me to help you remove this curse so you and your daughters can have a better life. I tell her I don’t have that much cash , again letting her go on with her game . She was losing her patience with me and said she would not read any more until I was willing to pay her for an additional service of removing this curse. She goes on to tell me if I have a credit card , her credit card reader just happens to be working again, strangley , 15 min ago it was broke for my daughter and I could pay her that way but we aren’t talking a few hundred dollars nor a one time fee. This will take weeks and possibly months and is very expensive but curses take a while to remove and she needs to spend her time and supplies on helping. She was talking thousands . Of course I said I would have to think about all of this and she was done with me when I wouldn’t budge. So that few minutes cost me for a non reading 200.00 . RespectfullyI paid for mine plus the 85.00 for my daughter. I gave her 300 and she didn’t have change, go figure. I know this happens to many unsuspecting victims who would normally be terrified and willing to spend any amount of money out there but thankfully my beliefs and my daughters kept us from falling victim anymore than the ridiculous fees for nothing.

In my opinion, she uses this so called curse and negative energy scheme to frighten people and for those that believe in God are basically sworn under him to never tell anyone. Is there any way or any where’s people can complain or expose FRAUDS like this ?

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