Readings by Draven Gray

Ross –

Victim Location 33607

Total money lost $8,760

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Psychic scam operated under the fictitious business name of "Readings by Draven Grey." The so-called psychic readings given by this con artist are absolutely erroneous, and predictions have no basis in reality whatsoever. One of the aspects that makes this psychic scam so dangerous is that the perpetrator claims that the client and/or customer needs to "work closely together" with the scammer, which is purposely designed to solicit continued business in the form of updates and follow-up psychic readings, and the scammer will even email the client under the false guise of ‘checking on’ the supposed well-being of the client, while suggesting the need for another reading. The scammer also makes predictions by utilizing arbitrary distant dates, as another hook, to keep the client stuck, dependent on continued readings and waiting for that which will never actually come to any fruition. This scammer operates on a number of psychic websites, including Bitwine and Keen, in addition to his/her own personal website ( The scammer uses the style of flooding the client with long paragraphs in a chat format, so that time elapses without allowing the client to read or properly question any of the nonsensical information being disseminated, while also requiring that the amount of time for a reading session be chosen and paid for in advance of the delivery. Furthermore, the scammer uses a number of bait-and-switch tactics, in additional to deceptive business practices and false advertising, all of which are in violation of Missouri law (the scammer is believed to be operating out of Missouri), not to mention that any artifice or scheme to defraud someone, under false or fraudulent pretense, in order to obtain money, is the very definition of fraud. While it may go without saying that there are many psychic scams operating, especially on the Internet, some of the most dangerous perpetrators are the ones experienced enough to come across as marginally convincing, manipulating and baiting a client into more paid readings over a substantial period of time. Another red flag is when a psychic scammer solicits additional "spiritual services" for a fee. Bitwine, as the platform for this exchange, tends to disclaim any responsibility for their so-called performers, so it is very much a ‘buyer beware’ situation, and this report is intended to discourage unsuspecting members of the public from considering a paid psychic reading from this charlatan. Anyone that has been scammed by "Draven Grey" is advised to file a report with the Missouri Office of the Attorney General.

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