Readers’ Subscription Service

Caleb –

Victim Location 48618

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Several years ago I received a phone call from Readers’ Subscription Service offering a free gift card for signing up to receive magazines. At that time I gave verbal agreement. The person I spoke to assured me I could cancel if I changed my mind and he gave me what was supposedly his phone number. Then he put me through to a supervisor to finalize the deal. I did change my mind but when I called the number I was given, it was not the number of the company and that person told me they couldn’t cancel my subscriptions and transferred me to someone whom I was told could cancel the subscriptions. That person told me that I would have to contact each magazine to cancel its subscription. I tried that and was told that the magazine couldn’t cancel the subscription because I had signed up with a subscription service.

I finally ended up canceling my credit card and got a new one so they couldn’t charge me. Since then I have received periodic phone calls trying to get my credit card information. Each time I told the caller I wanted the subscriptions cancelled and I wasn’t going to pay.

In July 2015 I received a collection notice form Capital Billing Service for $999. I sent them a letter telling them I was disputing the claim and gave them a brief explanation why. I have not heard from them since.

In January 2016 I received a call telling me I had agreed to automatic renewal of the subscriptions and if I did’t want to continue, they would need to confirm my credit card information. I refused and told her I had tried to cancel the subscriptions numerous times. She told me that because I would not confirm my credit card information, she could not cancel the automatic renewal. She said she would send something in the mail within a few days and then hung up on me. I never received anything written from them. The only written thing I have ever received was the debt collection notice from Capital Billing Service.

I would like the harassing phone calls to stop, any credit collection procedures cancelled, and the magazines to stop being delivered. I would also like to see Readers’ Subscription Service put out of business so this does not happen to anyone else.

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