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Latoya –

Victim Location 28540

Type of a scam Credit Cards

received call wanting to know if I wanted to add an additional 5yrs to my subscription that I’ve had for the past 20months. I don’t subscribe to any magazines. When I asked what magazine have I been getting she said, It would be coming" and she couldn’t tell me what the subscription was for but that I must have signed up for it when I gave to charity, bought something on Amazon, or won something. I don’t recall this even being asked as a choice in the past. I said, "No, I don’t want another 5yrs because I don’t subscribe to anything." She said, "ok, to take you off the list I need to confirm your birthdate." I refused. I asked If I could talk to a supervisor she verbalized that I could after I gave her my birthdate so she could take me off the list. I refused again. She rudely, said ok then, your card will be charged 79+dollars. she wouldn’t tell me what card. and she hun up

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