Reach out to the Needy Program

Derrick – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 47905

Type of a scam COVID-19

I was sent a message by a gentleman named Jerry Robbinett stating he has a new program called Reach out to the Needy that helps those that are struggling financially. He talked to me about the types of financial difficulties I was having right now. I told him about my debts and about the fact that I have not had any new clothing in 10 years(which has since been rectified). He had some person he called his financial person contact me and at first it wasn’t to bad until they wanted a picture of my ID. Unfortunately as an [censored] and desperate I did it. They then had me open an account on Discover Bank. Then had to give them all that information. I have since changed the password on that. They asked for my SS number as well. And [censored]ically I gave it to them. They are not sending me a cash card. They want me to take a picture of it, instead of giving me an address to send it back too. They also wanted to add 10,000 to the Discover account and have me get money orders for 3 or more beneficiaries and mail it to them.

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