Re-home most amazing puppies

Krystal – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 44614

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertised cute puppies. When contacting them they ask for email and information about why you want a dog and where the dog will live. They put you in contact with the breeder of the dog you asked about. The breeder then gives you all the information and asks for a deposit for ownership papers. Once I sent the deposit he sent me a transfer of ownership document to sign and send back. Then stated he needed approval from company that advertised the puppies before he could bring it to me. Company refused approval because I was suppose to pay them the funds and once they received the funds they would give breeder approval to give me the dog. The company then told me that once I confirmed u had the dog that they would release those funds to the breeder. I refused to pay. A day later the breeder said he would go against the company and use a delivery agency to send me the dog. He said I would receive an email from them. The delivery agency and email were bogus. I stopped responding after that. Im actually on my way right now to file police report.

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