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Laura –

Victim Location 29414

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A very nasty woman has been repeatedly calling my cell phone, my mother’s cell phone and our home number for (3) days now. She claimed the first voicemail that I had been sent a letter regarding this claim a few weeks ago (never got any letter) and has tried from a local NPA-NXX as well as an 866-267 number to all three of our numbers. She states that it is only a courtesy that she is even calling me and that if I want to make a statement to be included in a claim (she references a number) then I need to call back immediately. I know this is a scam because I NEVER list my mother on anything and we are not on the same cell account AND I am actually not listed under the home number, my father is listed in the phonebook. In addition, I don’t even know our home number and had to look up to even report the calls. Yesterday, I blocked both numbers on my cell as well as my mothers, today when she called our home phone she was HIGHLY irritated and her message was much more threatening today with "you can’t avoid me. If you don’t call back, I will just put your statement as you refused to comply". And then repeated that it was only a courtesy she was calling. I’ve done everything I can at this point, but wanted to also write a review to warn others.

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