RC Eurowerks/ Windows Support LLC

Audrey – Aug 02, 2020

They just scammed my older family member in the same exact way the other user outlined. Vile people

Robin –

Victim Location 27597

Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother received call on 3/30/2019. Person indicated that he was with a company named RC Eurowerks (google search suggests there was a company located in Apex, NC, but it was an auto repair shop that may be closed—there is an interesting company called RC tecsoft that claims to be a division of RC Eurowerks at the same 1041 Investment Blvd. address) and that her computer had been compromised and had a virus. He gained access to her computer remotely and added multiple programs to the computer after telling her that there would be no cost and that she did not need to give her credit card information. He then transferred her to another person, Nick Anderson who offered information related to the updates that were added to her computer and then indicated that her computer needed activation of the software that had been installed and that it could be paid for by the year, 2 years, or 5 years (which of course was the best deal). The programs would not be beneficial unless this activation was completed and she needed the anti-hacking tools and cyber security that they had offer. He then asked her to mail a check to what appeared to be a residential address based on a google search…but since they would have to wait for the check, it would be better for her to give the check number, routing number and account number that she would be using for payment purposes. He then encouraged her to print off a statement of what had been done to the computer. The statement indicated the company was Windows Support, LLC and the email appeared to be fake as well as some of the additional information. A couple of the programs were not valid and due to the fact that these individuals had compromised the integrity of her computer, we removed all programs and wiped the computer clean back to original factory reset.

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