RB Company

Latoya –

Victim Location 33613

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer found the employees email off careerbuilder.com (a job ad board). The scammer offered a job at the RB Company via the employees email. The job title was: Operations Logistics Manager. They ask for address, phone number, and ID and proof of residence. They say the salary will be $2650 for the first month and then $3,300 after your first 31 day trial period. The job is a package forwarding job and so packages get sent to your door and you have to examine it and send it off within 12 hours to receive a $25 bonus. The person scammed sent a total of 6 packages for the company via FedEx in the month and they say the employee is to receive between 25-40 packages a month. At first the employee received calls weekly from a person claiming to be apart of the company, all he called to say was that there was a package coming in, and to please send it off. At first the so called "supervisor," Aleksi Koho, would respond to emails but during the last week when it was time to pay the employee she never respond. When the employee created a ticket on the dashboard for the "finance department" there was never a response about the check payment, instead they deleted the dashboard with the information. When the employee. They would never answer the phone if the employee were to call back any of the numbers listed above.The end result was the employee never received any money from the RB Company and all communication with the RB Company seized and the dashboard link to the company once employee logs in is disappeared as if a company never existed. other emails used by scammer: [email protected], [email protected] Other persons claiming to be in the RB Company: Irene Noren and Mari Kekkonen acts as an HR manager at the RB Company.

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