Mary –

Victim Location 49127

Type of a scam Phishing

The scam starts with an initial inquiry about a product. In our case he wanted to purchase 6 of our most expensive item. The initial address that he provides is below:

Raytown Warehouse Ltd.

2304 Metz Place Midland, TX 79705

When this address is googled it is clearly a residential address which at first was a little strange but I have had customers who do business from their homes. What made in inquiry stranger was that he wanted a quotation done but does not want shipping calculated stating that he would use a recommended shipping company. Once the quotation was completed the ship to address changes to a place in Indonesia. Immediately red flags were raised which prompted me to investigate further into his company. The shipping company that he recommends is listed below.

Urbans Freight Co

Contact: Rhona Jacob

Website: urbansfreightco.com (not professional at all)

Email: [email protected]

None of these places exist and the phones never work. He does state that you must contact the shipping company in his name. (What helped is is that this is not our policy and we always have the customer contact the shipping company.) I did engage him again and informed him that I was uncomfortable with going through his shipping company since I could not find a valid phone number for them. I also, informed him that I needed another phone number for him since his was disconnected. He did reply with no new phone number but instead insisted that his shipping company was a great company that he trusted implicitly.

Just stopped contact with him. Hope this helps!

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