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Good evening,

I have encountered a scammer who have nearly victimized me. What seemed as if a great opportunity was merely just a scam,. Better yet, a quick hustle scheme. I was played into believing I have gotten a great job opportunity as an Accountant Assistant for some fictive company. Some may state, "How?" or "what do you mean you were tricked?". These scammers are creative and can pass with some good believable work. I have, unfortunately, signed a fake W-4 hiring form and a direct deposit form for receiving monthly payments (yes, I’m an [censored]). But, all accounts been closed, and then soon reported to authorities. However, I will drop below my experience/encounter I had with this scammer showing how they prey on poor souls like myself. Although no money was taken, however, she could have crippled me far more worse than she had already.

Here as followed, I will display a series of email interaction of the hiring process between me and the scammer: (This is the name of the company below and scammer personating as a hiring agent or recruiter, which is a fictive company who fraudalently/copyrighted a website and all from the a real drop shipping company named Doba : https://www.doba.com/ Raynold’s fake site : http://raynoldswholesale.com/)

**Email 1:

This is Raynold’s Wholesale Services company.

Thank you for your resume, see additional information for your

consideration below.

RWS company is a drop shipping marketplace created to help online

retailers and wholesale suppliers increase sales and grow their businesses.

Our headquarters is in Jackson, MS, but you will work from your state

directly as our representative. You will work under a corporate account

and provide all these operations through the banks.

This is an accounting job. A local LLC firm will be assigned to you and

you will manage it and operate under its corporate account and complete

daily agenda through the branches of the regular Banks (Bank of America,

Chase, Wells of Fargo etc.) and there is no need for you to relocate


The working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday till Friday.

The main responsibilities are:

Managing a local LLC entity, coordinating partner’s and customer’s deals;

Assistance in the preparation of monthly financial reports and schedules;

Verify and post accounts receivable to ledgers and other records;

Efficient and timely collection of payables by providing a reliable and

accurate documentation and record keeping;

Follow established procedures for processing receipts, cash etc.

Salary & Benefits:

First month with the company (probationary period) interns get $1700.00

base salary.

Starting the second month, $2500.00 base salary monthly rate + bonus, so

in average it is about $4000 per month. (approximately $20/hourly)

Read more at raynoldswholesale.com

If any additional questions feel free to give me a call at any time as

it will be more convenient for you from 9 AM to 5 PM EST at (339) 368-6863.

All the best,

Senior Accounting Manager

Amanda Wilson

[email protected]

Raynold’s Wholesale Services Inc.

tel (339)368-6863

fax (601)510-9191


**Email 2:

**Once you accept the offer, she responds with this:

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

Really glad to hear you would like to be a part of our company.

So, the first step in obtaining an Accounting Assistant position is providing us copies of your ID to do the background check and any bill statement in order to prove your residency address.

Then I will provide you with the original employment agreement that is under your name and data and signed by our CEO.

You can send it back to me by the email or fax it over.

**Ok, I completed this task due to not thinking anything about it being fishy. However, there are more procedures:


**Email 3:

**Once that is supposedly completed, she emails this:

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

The Security Department has completed checking. We have positive result.

So, we may sign the original employment agreement with you. An attached file is the original employment agreement signed by our CEO.

Please, print out the agreement, sign the last page, take a photo of a signed page(or scan) and sent it to me.

After that we have to fill out other forms before we can generate your profile in the database of our company.

Thank you.

**Now, you sign and send back the signed agreement between you and the employer, basically hiring you.


**Email 4:

** After you send that over, you are now to sign tax forms and direct depositing, which I shamefully completed due to remembering doing this at my previous employment and thought of no harm being intended.

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

We have received you signed agreement.

See the rest of the paperwork attached to this email.

This is for your taxes and direct depositing the salary.

Please, have it filled out and return back to me when you be ready.

We will get it processed right after received. And we will start right away.


**Email 5:

**Now, they are creating some LLC for you within like a couple of hours timing, which I am not sure if even necessarily possible. But, I went along with it to see where it would go.

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

Please read over the following steps before we proceed as well.

First of all, we will apply for an LLC entity in your area that will be assigned to you and further you will work under this LLC (this is necessary step to have all the paperwork registered in your state).

This LLC will be under your name and assigned to your address.

I’m still awaiting for the paperwork back from the Secretary of State and as I receive it I will forward it to you.

Then, you will go to 2 bank to open up corporate accounts under this LLC(not a personal one). We will provide you with deposit for opening as well.

You don’t have to pay for anything.

Further all the procedures will be conducted through these corporate accounts as your main job duties is to coordinate operations with our partners, clients and customers.

Besides, you will be preparing accounting spreadsheets and market research.

*Now, it’s getting very sketchy at this point, but I am trying to keep my cool and not doubt.


**Email 6:

**Next, she sends this fully instructed task of what I was to conduct and complete. Therefore, I completed it with pure innocence and ignorance of no knowledge of why, but to do it because I was requested to to conduct daily functions/task as she "stated". I have no knowledge of who the recipient was, assumed it was someone else of the HR, but was confused as of why the location was Brooklyn, NY when the headquarters was supposed to be located in Jackson, Mississippi? Again, I have never completed a task like this before, so I just went on with it in hopes of grabbing this "too good to be true" career.

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

Here is all the information needed.

You will need a deposit to the accounts, so we did it by MoneyGramm:

Reference# ***

Sender: Alex Beskypsky

Brooklyn, NY

Amount: $200

Please withdraw it at the nearest MoneyGramm location.

In order to open a business account you will need:

1. Your ID

2. EIN for Westmon LLC

3. Articles of organization for Westmon LLC

(See attached)

Please, print everything out.

It will be the Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank (choose the nearest locations to you).

We need to open up 3 business checking accounts: 2 with Bank of America and 1 with Wells Fargo bank.

Put $100 into the first checking and $50 with the second at Bank of America and put $50 to Wells Fargo bank.

It is really important: as you are filling out the information at a bank, please, provide them with your corporate

email address: (She had created a free email account for me that was not even corporate email, it was a usa.com email. After I requested the login and password from her, she gave it to me; however, once i logged in, it was closed)

tel: (912) 225-1146 as primary (this was the number she gave me to place as the primary for the account. I couldn’t even use my own)

As well we need to set up an online banking (don’t use your personal info) at once and order a debit card.

Possible questions and answers:

1. What is the purpose of the account?

To collaborate with the clients, customers and the suppliers.

2. You are a an organizer and a sole member for this local Westmon LLC.

Everything is assigned to your name (organizer’s name) and address (LLC address).

3. How many transactions per month will be made?

Approximately 35 transactions (both incoming and outgoing; domestic and international)

4. Where will the transactions come from and go to?

Domestic and international

5. What’s Westmon LLC occupation?

Retail; direct sales of the electronic goods.

6. What is the amount of annual sales of your company?

In average it is $1,200,000

**(All fake; however, Westmon is an entity under me, which I will have closed if possible.)


**Email 7:

**Now, I created them and had issues due to having an already established account with one of the banks. So I messaged her of the issue, and she became frustrated, which had set off a final red flag to me. So, I researched. But here was the encounter messages:


Good morning Ma’am,

You are very much welcome, ma’am; however, there is a slight issue. I have just spoken to the accountant/rep at the branch I was assisted at yesterday on why I wasn’t given proper paperwork/documents on the account, and he stated it was due to it being linked to my personal account due to my ssi# already establishing my personal account. Therefore, in order to seek rights and to seek access to The Wells Fargo business account you’ll have to go to a branch where you are located. We will soon talk to the reps at the same time so that they can confirm you have access and is all set up correctly. He stated that "I could not set two different accounts due to Wells Fargo not having that option anymore". I do apologize for this inconvenience.

With great regards


Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms),

It should be a business account, not a personal one.

Your name is one the paperwork if our representative will go to the branch they can’t confirm anything.

Ask them to separate online banking for the accounts.

And please don’t tell anybody about the process as our clients prefer to keep privacy.

Several of our representatives has the same situation and their personal and business accounts are separate at Wells Fargo.

Please find out how to separate the online banking.

If you have Chase bank we can open up Chase account instead to avoid the issue.



It seemed legit after first, and I of course felt for it. Until my gut told me to do some research AFTER the fact I have already gotten into deep (due to being excited of a great job offer). So, I was told to open up 3 banking accounts after given an LLC in my name from the scammer. Once the task was complete I was to send the personal information of all the accounts (routing and account numbers, online login user and password, etc). I have ignorantly given the information to her, however, by the grace of God there was some issues that came about leaving the scammer upset and anxious. So, this had red flagged me because she never acted this way in the beginning. Therefore, I decided to research the website again to see if I had missed any signs. And boom, it was definitely a scam. The pictures of the ceo and cto were stolen from Doba.com with different names and all. Therefore, I went back to the banks and closed all the accounts without the scammer knowing. I am basically reaching out to protect anyone else from these evil people who falsely make people believe they have received a job opportunity, but in all reality are plotting to steal their lives.

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