Raymond Loyd Marine

Sierra –

Victim Location 89113

Type of a scam Romance

First friend request on Facebook then quick chat exchanges next pic of penis sent then I stopped conversations. Day later more chat. Next received pic of fake work contract for Japan government awarding $3.5 million US dollars for 3 months work. I cut contact. Received few text messages provoking a reply. Wait 1 day I replied with cell text msg. Started conversations same day then received pics of stacks of gold bars supposedly he found in underground excavations while working in Japan. Spoke on telephone of course there is going to be romance in our future. Even messaged me yesterday addressed as "wifey". Received multiple very long texts all describing his interests, hobbies, undying love for me, future plans within hours of texting. Also received as first message early mornings. These long messages were a copy paste because they just like auto populate on the screen as you look on during small talk. Yesterday received a pic of Fake Wells Fargo notice of his funds being unavailable and he needs to pay hotel but would try to contact a friend to help him out. Then few hours later he reached out to me as "wifey" could I email his friend because his phone is not accepting funds so he can’t call. I replied I would forward an email that he writes to friend. No contact yesterday after that. This morning awoke to a romantic text message that he had sent me same couple days ago. Later I received request today for my email address so I could get instructions to follow for receiving this shipment of gold that is already on board ship in the sea. Of course all payments were already paid on his end but I was to make a call to phone number I looked up country is Spain when I text back asking where gold was coming from that’s when I got it’s at sea already not the answer to the question. All payment info was typed out contact name, email, control number. I have this email with details. Today I researched his Facebook posts and all the likes and comments made by people found we had mutual friend so I reached out to her asked if she knew him or even exchanged any texts but she replied she did not know him he just friend requested her never had any other contact with him. Afternoon got text asking if I made the payment yet. I replied no very busy. Then another text asking if I was ignoring him again. Finally I replied calling him out on this morning’s message then continued text me asking if he thought I’d get caught up in the scam and I told him we have mutual FB friend instantly he blocked me on Facebook. Started messaging to phone conversation instead being extremely defensive and adamant I’m wrong he wasted his time but if I have Skype or Viper then we can video chat otherwise he us done with me. I informed him I have Skype so he wanted my account info to chat and he would prove I am totally wrong. Also not to bother him unless we video chat.

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