Ray Family Parrot

Chase –

Victim Location 30064

Total money lost $1,540

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been scammed a big way by two "businesses" in the Columbus area I will start from the begining. I have always wanted to purchase a young parrot, so I looked in the Internet and found a source that looked good based on their web site (ryanfamilyparrot.com). I contacted them (Ryan) apparently the owner. I dealt with him and ended up in getting a six week old baby parrot for $700 plus $150 for shipping. I found it to be a good price based on the other prices on the internet so. I agreed and he told which money delivery company he wanted me to use (Zelle), even though I had never heard of it, I agreed I agreed and went through my bank to make the transfer, they connected me to their web site and since it was the first time I used Zelle they only allow a transfer for $500 so I had to send him an additional $350. a couple of days after I received an email from the shipping company Easy Pet delivery telling me that they could not ship the bird because it was in a non a approved transfer cage which would cost $50 to rent plus $500 deposit which was returnable after the delivery of the bird and return of the rental cage. Also the bird was missing 3 shots which were given by their vet at a cost of $90. At the time I-thought it was ok since the $500 were returnable and agreed to send the money by Western Union as requested for the amount of $640. I sent the money but the next day I received another email saying that $400 returnable had to be paid for city permit. Again, without looking at the whole picture I agreed and sent them the $400 because the $900 would be refunded All along I communicated with the seller he confirmed that the money would be returned so I did not worry about it until I received the next emails this time asking for $700 for insurance for the bird in case something happened to it during travel..

Now. The whole pictured changed and I finally realized I was being scammed. I immediately reached the shipper to tell him I was not paying any more to go ahead and ship the bird and I would take responsibility if anything happened to it. I received another email from him (Frank) to tell me they had to receive the shipping money or the bird wouldn’t be delivered. By then I had no doubt I was being scammed so I sent the shipper an email asking to cancel the deal and return my money. At the same time I contacted the seller and asked him to cancel the sale an return the $500 I sent him and he replied he was not returning the money. Then I figured this was a scam from both the seller and the shipper as a team. I then received an email from the shipper telling me they had sent the bird to a bird rescue department because the bird had been abandoned. Since then I have tried to reach both the seller and the shipper and have never heard from them In a nut shell I was scammed for $1040. I realized lt is my fault for being so stupid in believing what people tell me and not seeing what they are not telling me Is there a way the police fraud department can reach these people and have them return the money they took by fraud. I have contacted both money transfer companies and they say there is nothing they can do since the money have been collected by the recipients. Is there any thing I can do to take these people to court to get my money back? Unfortunately I don’t have their full names, address not phone numbers. All I have is the name of their business and email address;


[email protected]

Easy Pet Delivery Service

[email protected]

Thank you

Cassandra –

Victim Location 30064

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a parrot from Ray Family Parrot at www.rayfamilyparrot.com. I made a $500 deposit using my bank. I used Zelle Pay. Now he wants me to use Easypet Delivery in Columbus, OH to ship it.

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