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Henry –

Victim Location 14221

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This ‘business’ is such a scam! After spam emails find their way into your inbox from ‘Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet’, you’re directed to a website for a company that has no phone number, many grammatical errors in write ups that obviously didn’t come from someone familiar with the English language and they superimpose Ray Ban and other ‘verified’ online seller logos at the bottom of the page to get you buy Ray Bans – touting 3 for $75 and free shipping when you reach that level. $24.99 Ray Bans … it’s too good to be true (obviously). In addition, they claim that ‘Western Union’ orders will receive an additional 10% discount’

I tested this out by repeatedly trying the same order of 3 styles of glasses, from different computers and phones. Luckily, my bank was up to the task and I repeatedly Got messages of ‘Unauthorized’, ‘Request intercepted by bank’ and ‘Unable to process’. There are no issues with my card or financial institution, so you know right there it’s all bunk!

I even emailed their customer support, and within a day I received an email encouraging me to complete a Western Union order. Ha!

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