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Zachary – Apr 16, 2020

Please Noone order from RashMobile.com.
Call me at 4166164782 for any questions

Billy – Apr 16, 2020

So this is my chat with this guy when i told him that i won’t order because of too many reports and look at his replies

Vincent – Apr 16, 2020

So it’s me Abdul. My number is 4166164782 free feel to call me. I am a student in grade 12 about to graduate. Well no one had reported against RashMobile.com before so i think i was the first person who got scammed with $1200. I’ve been working so hard to make this huge amount. This person contacted me that he will sell me iphone 11 pro max 256gb, apple series 5 watch and airpods pro for $750. I felt weird and knew he’d scam me. But was so excited with the deal he just forced me to buy it. After paying him $750 he asked for $350 for shipping. Once i sent it he’s like he used it. So i have to send him $100 more. And i was too stupid to send the 100 as well. And now i caught a block from him on whatsapp.

Brad – Apr 15, 2020

I really just got blocked on what’s app for asking for my refund what scammers

Alan – Apr 16, 2020

Remember one thing bro. Ik even $300 is alot. I’ve been working so hard and I’m a student in grade 12 who just got scammed for 1200. Remember Karma is a b****

Shannon – Apr 16, 2020

Yes sir he blocked me as well. I got scammed for $1200

Kristina – Apr 15, 2020

I really just got scammed by them and lost $300 and they’re saying that I have to pay another $100 for it to get shipped out when I been talking to them for about a month to make sure it’s. $300’only but when I pay they tell me the next day that I have to pay another $100 when is covid-19 times and I don’t have money some please help ! You can email me at ( [email protected] ) please help me get in touch with one of the head owners or mangers.

Desiree – Apr 11, 2020

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website allows you to buy phones for a cheap price. Ordered an iphone 11 pro max, 5 series watch and airpods pro. He asked for $200 for shipping because he used my shipping money. I wasnt paying it but he wasnt refunding as well. So I paid it. Now it’s been 3 months no contact or anything. I paid him $1200. He is ignoring my messages on whatsapp. So don’t ever order anything from this website it’s a fraud.

Clinton – Apr 06, 2020

Hey customers this was me who gave a review. But the owner of RashMobile.com has promised me to send my product by next week. I cant delete this review as this website owner is not allowing me to because i reported without my email address. So i will let you guys know if he sends it or no text me at 4166164782 for more details

Crystal – Mar 02, 2020

Everyone who read this review should share it with others

Rosa –

You saved me.. it seemed weird. I was going to purchase an iPhone and watch from them on let go app and was told he was away but to visit the website… I couldn’t reply on let go anymore after so I went and looked at the website they then used their live chat option. I asked if there was a storefront and he said no it’s online but we will have it to u in 48 hrs we always deliver on time

Thinking to myself “says every scammer out there”.. thanks for saving me.

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