Rarebreed cattery

Ana –

Victim Location 94712

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This buyer would ask for $200 non refundable deposit and say she will delivery the kitten in week 8. The kitten costs $1500 and $200 delivery fee. She only sent 1 video on week 2 and after she took the deposit, she keep finding excuses not to send a update video on the kitten. At the end she would say you harass and insult her and refuse to deliver the kitten and cancel the sales without refunding the $200. She would use her kids as excuses and kitten is too early to take video and later kitten is too active not able to take a cea video or picture. It would take her 30 minutes to set up the lightning to take a video or picture to delay sending you any update picture. Of course you wont get any update video at the end. Please dont let any other victims to fall for the $200 non refundable deposit. Everyone work hard for their money and no one should get tricked like this. She asked for bank deposit and refuse to give us the bank information. She asked us to call her at the bank and she talk to the teller directly for the deposit i formation.

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