Rapido Soft Technologies

Brittney –

Victim Location 69122

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for an online job that I could do from my computer. I found Rapido Soft Technologies advisement on one of the online job sites and applied for it. They contacted me very fast, had me fill out an employee letter, said they would send me money to buy supplies, and they did!! Since the check was a few thousands of dollars, I call my bank to verify the Cashier’s Check. My bank confirmed that the bank that was on the cashier’s check didn’t issue it and there were no funds available if I/they deposit this check. I contacted the "guy" that was consistently texting me about "my next steps" telling him that they were a JOKE and I heard nothing in return.

Marc –

Victim Location 21244

Type of a scam Employment

Was contacted by a individual for a job i had applied for (Data Entry position through Simply Hired) with a company called "Rapido soft technologies" (which is a fake company with fake website). Once i applied for the position i got notified (through email [email protected]) i would receive a check for purchasing equipment another red flag here. i did receive 2 identical cashier checks through USPS with tracking number i contacted the bank, the checks where indeed fake. i cant believe simply hired lets fake companies post jobs through them.

Rapido soft technologies has a fake website


[email protected]

(347) 954-2408

(636) 429 -2738

both numbers are what they use to communicate

Dominique –

Victim Location 98332

Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying for work from home jobs. I came across the website and and decided to apply for a work from home data entry job. At the end of the application it said I would be contacted by phone/text and/or email. A few weeks later I received a text message saying I was in the process of being reviewed and I would find out the next day if I was chosen or not. The next day I had received a text message saying congratulations, look for an email and it would have your offer letter in it. I did. It said to look the offer letter over, and upon signing it return it with a copy of the front and back of my drivers license, Passport or other ID. I did. They then sent me a text message saying that they would send me funds to buy a mac book pro, small business micr printer bundle, time tracker, office 365, intuits quickbooks software pro, and shredding machine. This is when the red flags went up and I realized it was a scam. The offer letter did not use perfect grammar and that should have also been a red flag for me.

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