Rapid Tone

Adam –

Victim Location 94952

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There is this story about a diet/fat burner break through discovered on the Shark Tank. Every week I get a new ad on Facebook and the link is a different product. It started with Rapid Tone, then Ketosis, then Pro Chelan, now Fos Blah Blah, it never stops. And the product is never the product that is on the original ad. Also none of the links work correctly, all options buy the maximum. It is just a big scam.

Linda –

Victim Location 33467

Type of a scam Other

Many websites advertise product for variety of prices however when you click on website and then “buy” they all take you to Rapid Tone website whee price is quite higher.

If you try to find these websites individually they do not exist.

All reviews on product are exactly the same which appears company has created these reviews.

If you research Shark Tank endorsement of this product..it does not exist.

Marie –

Victim Location 27106

Total money lost $298

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So I received a message that says: LifeLabs: The Greatest step forward in weight loss history. See why every judge on Shark Tank backed this product. txt stop to optout. I clicked the link and it took me to the rapid tone web site. I saw these weight loss pills and decided to read up on it, checked out the online reviews and it seemed legit. It had a special on buy 3 bottles for one low price and get 2 bottles free, Rapid tone 5 bottle plan $29.60 for each 3 bottles and 2 free. I decided to try them reviews checked out, this was on June 16, 2018. My initial balance was around $90 at time of purchase. When the transaction was finalized it sent me a receipt say my order was successfully placed charge will appear on bank statement for $199.00. I said OH NO!! So I called them and stated the miss statement on the website and told them I want a refund. They put me on hold. Stated I should keep the purchase number of times I said no give me my money back. Put me on hold again. Told me they can give me $100 refund back and the reminder $99 once I receive the shipment and refuse it and sent it back because the transaction was already completed, this was on June 16 and takes 3-5 business days. Said shipment will come by UPS. Received email to confirm refund I said ok I can work with that. Shipment never came. Called them on June 26, June 29, July 4. Never got $ back or got shipment, instead I got another transaction made on my debit card for $99. I have bank statement and confirmation from UPS, FEDEX and DSL no shipment has came to my address. I am out-raged!

Justin –

Victim Location 92629

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The ad gave 3 options for purchase, I chose the 2nd option ($66). When I got the invoice, they had charged me for the 1st most expensive option plus another $30. I immediately called to correct the charge and quickly realized that they were stalling and this was a scam. I then asked to just cancel the order….REPEATEDLY and the service rep just kept stalling, saying she wanted to explain and needed to talk to her supervisor and would not give me the cancellation. I believe this stalling was to ensure that they had billed my credit card.

I called my credit card company and of course they had made the full charge. I have disputed the charge there and have also followed up with a confirming email to the company of the cancellation….all this within 30 minutes of placing the order.

This is a scam and I want others to know and not fall victim.

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