Rapid Delivery Service Company

Jessica –

Victim Location 32081

Type of a scam Employment

this company is an imposter, they are using other company website to make it look like there own and you can have a part time, working from home. they will also say that the are with the BBB.. what it is they order small product then ship it to your house, you have open it, to take 6 picture upload in there rds-usa website and they will send you a prepaid postage stamp and you ship it off united state post office. they said that we would get 2700 the first money then after 1st month probation period, 600 a week. Plus $15.00 each package that is being delivered to your house. this is a scheme. please call the ScamPulse.com first and call the company that the ScamPulse.com gives you.

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