Randy Kelly

Timothy – Aug 23, 2020

Victim Location 83814

Total money lost $34,000

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Randy Kelly reached out to me via Facebook in January 2018. I informed him first that I am married & not interested in any relationship. He has 2 very cute little kids, raising them alone. He claimed to be an Engineer from Toronto, Canada, working on a job in Turkey. Soon he began having lots of problems & said his HSBC Bank in Canada suddenly locked him out of access. That’s when he began to ask for help to leave Turkey, and relocate to Spokane , Wa, USA / which happens to be 25 miles from my home. He used the 2 little kids as pawns, they’re both sick & need to come home. He promised on their lives to pay me back w interest if I would help him. The kids got to me.So I began sending money; of course more & more problems arose , needing more money from me.. He at times, was very nice, but he also had a very mean side. He caused me to be emotionally involved/ with his children, and then the more in debt I was to him, the more frantic I became to get my money returned.. This went on for 5 mos, even the last 2 mos when I finally refused to send more money. It all ended last week, I tried to send him final 2K to get them home, and was blocked to wiring services. He became very angry, and told me how stupid I was, then blocked me on Messenger, and disappeared from Social Media, and stopped answering my emails. Thus I was scammed out of 34,000 US dollars… I am so angry.

Kate –

Hi there, I’m sorry for being a victim of this guy. I think it’s identity thief as I’m able to speak with this person claiming as Randy Kelly. Met him on a dating app named Coffee Meets Bagel. I’m just lucky that in a week time I’m able to figure out that he’s a scammer. This person probably exist but the person we’re dealing with were notorious scammers. He chats with me on Whatsapp. Falling with his sweet words & good looking face. But he’s too good to be true. He said he’s an Engineer here in Canada. Has a truck company that sells parts in Ottawa, ON. Ask him to do video call he said he’s not comfortable. Tried to call him on his phone & spoken with an Indian/Pakistani accent guy. That’s when I know that he’s a scammer. Hope the info I shared on this site will help find this scammers. Be safe.

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  1. October 2021 –

    Randy Leo Kelly sends me a Facebook friend request. I don’t except him as I do not know him, but we exchange messages. Sends lots of photos of his supposed young kids 6 and 8, and ex wife. Says he works for a construction company in Oakville Ontario (as an engineer). I later call to confirm, no such person works there. Claims he has taken a leave of absence to take a private job in Milan Italy. Asked me if I can have the Italian company mail me his check as they cannot deposit it to a Canadian bank account. Asks for my name and address to except and hold on to the check until he can return from Italy. Claims to be all upset as he has to pay men working for him (this private job) in Italy. Does not wish to FaceTime or have a telephone conversation with me while in Italy. When I do call the number he did give me at one point, The man has an Indian or Pakistani accent. Meanwhile, Randy claims he was born in Canada, spent many years living in Sweden, settling in Ontario. Claims his parents both died young and he inherited his fathers truck in parts business, which he says he eventually sold off. A business once researched, has never existed. This man is a con artist using Someone else’s family photos. He also mentioned he recently sold his house before taking this awarded contract job in Milan. Would return home to Brampton Ontario and stay in an AirBNB until he would make another home purchase. Claims to have been in Italy working for a few months planning to return by October’s end.


    1. Tried playing me to!

      This dude is a peace of work. Don’t be conned by Randy Kelly. (Possibly not his real name, nor the photos he posts)

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