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Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to purchase a family pet. Responded to a Hoobly Classified ad by text. The usern¬†[email protected] -ktslsbry9 Phone number- (214) 903-0479. The response was, "My puppies have all been reserved. Contact Ramona Hernandez, she has a new litter of Puppies. Her email is . Email her ASAP before someone else adopt them." I e-mailed." I didn’t catch the name and e-mails mail name didn’t match til just now. I e-mailed and was sent 3 pictures each of 3 separate dogs that were labeled with names, but some of the pictures didn’t match(look like) the others. Asked for pictures of parents. Was sent a picture of each. The person(s) gave e a lot of information, claiming they really cared for their pups wanting to make sure they had a good home. Asking questions. Provided reference e-mails. But when I started to ask about submissive and dominant and personality the were vague and weren’t providing the proper answers. Never mentioned sending money until right before shipping. This is what I received. "Go now and make payment asap.Below are the pictures of Box Of Toys. Rope, Bed and crate which your baby will be coming with. Your will baby will cost you $650 including shipping. As soon as payment is made and confirmed. My shipper Anderson Robert will start shipping immediately and get back to you with your baby’s flight details for pick.

Here is the payment details Instructions.

Name……………. Anderson Robert

Address………………. 562 Haventree DR Hazelwood, MO 63042

I only Accept Western Union . Go to any grocery store where there is Western Union Outlet and make payment. As soon you make payment now , you get back to me ASAP with your MTCN number for confirmation. As soon as i confirmed your payment .My shipper Anderson Robert will start shipping arrangement immediately against Weekend shipment and i will get back to you with your babies flight details and tracking code for pick up and within 3 to 4 hours time DEPENDING on your location you will receive your baby at your provided airport name.

THANK YOU AND GET BACK TO ME ASAP" I then asked for current video and picture of all 3 of the pups together. This is the response I got back, "Thank you for ur time" The more e-mails I received, the more I noticed spelling errors, words missing and plural words when not needed.

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