Ramesh Denault

Adam – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 85364

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I will attach the email they sent me, claiming they took over my computer after viewing an adult website.

They Claim they have a video of me masturbating and threaten to share it with all of my contacts they have received.

No site was visited on my behalf nor does a video exist of such even if they hacked into my desktops webcam. They are asking for $3000 in BTC in a 24 hour span.

I have ignored the email and submitted this.

My only concern was the fact that they know ******* as a password. That is an old password that isn’t in use but still rather concerning.

This is the entire email transcript;

It se??ms tha??, *********, is your ??as??w??rd.

I requ??re your 100% atte??t??on for the up ??om??n?? ??4 ho????s, or I will ??????e su??e you t??a?? you live ??ut o?? emba??????ssment for the res?? of you?? life sp????.

H????lo there, you d?? n??t k??ow me p??rson??l????. Yet I know every ??h??ng rega??d?????? ??ou. Yo??r c??rrent f?? contact ??is??, ??hone c??ntacts a??d ?????? the ??nlin?? activity i?? your ??omput???? ??rom p??st 188 day??.

W????c?? i??clu????s, your ??asturbation v??de?? footage, whi??h ??r??ng?? me to t??e primar?? mot??v?? why I am c??af??????g ??his s??ecific e-????il to you.

????l?? t??e las?? ??im?? yo?? went ??o t??e adult m??????????al o??line sites, my malware ??as t??????g??r??d in y????r ??e??sonal compute?? which ??nded ??p log??ing a beautiful vi??eo f??ota??e of yo??r self pleasure act b?? trig??eri??g you?? web camera.

(you got a ??remendo????l?? weird ta??te ??y the way ??mao)

I have ??he complete record??ng. I??, pe??haps yo?? thi??k I ??m ??ooling around, just reply proof an?? I will be fo??ward??ng ??he partic??l??r recor??in?? randomly to 5 ????opl?? ??o?? recogni??e.

It m???? ??e you?? fri??nd, co worker??, boss, mo??her a??d father (I do??’t ??now! M?? software prog????m w??ll randomly ??ele??t ????e ??on??act de??ails).

????????d ?????? ??e ca??ab??e to look into ??nyo????’s ??yes a??ai?? after it? I doubt it…

H??weve??, it doe?? ????t have to be ??hat ??ay.

I’m goi??g to make you a one time, ??on neg??tiable offe??.

??et $ 3000 i?? BTC and send ??t on ??he down below address:


[??ASE-SE??S??TIVE c????y ??nd past?? it, and rem??v?? ** fr??m it]

(If yo?? don’t u??de????tand how, googl?? how to purchase BTC. Do ??ot ??a??te my important ti????)

If yo?? se??d out this parti??ula?? ‘d????a????on’ (??et’?? ca??l it th??t?). A??t??r that, ?? ????ll disa??pear for g??od . and never e??er get in ??ouch with you ??gai??. I will erase ??very??hi???? I have got about you. You may very wel?? proceed livin?? ??our current ordinary da?? to day life wit?? no concerns.

??ou’???? go?? 1 day in o??der to ???? s??. ????ur time st??r??s as ??uic??l?? yo?? read this e ??ail. I have an one of a kind prog??am code t??at will in??o??m me a?? so??n as ??ou r??ad th??s ?? m??il s?? ??on’t t???? to p??ay sm??r??.

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