Rama Deals – Retroactive Games

Priscilla –

Victim Location 71106

Total money lost $64.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We ordered a "Classic Retro Game Console Upgraded X1" from Rama Deals as a Christmas gift for our grandson. I ordered it on Oct. 31st, and it was delivered on Nov. 24th. It was not opened until December 27th. Our grandson did not try to operate it until Jan. 11th. When he tried to turn it on, there was no power to the unit. His parents let me know and I contacted the company via e-mail. They told me they would get right on it and let me know what to do next. I even got another e-mail thanking me for my patience because they had been so busy getting ready to fulfill the 5,000 orders they were expecting. I corresponded with them two more times with the same messages. Then on January 19th, they asked me to send a video showing them how the defective unit does not work and they would send us a replacement right away. We did not send the video until March 25th. They wrote to tell me they could not view the video because it too large, to resend it in a smaller size. I did and then got the e-mail on March 30th stating that they have a strict 45 day return/refund policy and they would not do anything to make it right. I have continued to correspond with them almost everyday since then – 13 more e-mails. They could not explain to me why they continued to correspond with me and even asked for a video knowing that they were not going to refund or return because of their "strict 45 day policy". I asked for contact information for someone in authority, but they will not give me anything, telling me the only way to have contact is through them. I have dealt with about 11 different "CSR". They promise me 15% off my next order and that they are hiring more CSR’s so that this did not happen again. I appealed to them to give me a break because the unit was a Christmas gift, but they would not.

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