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Andrew – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 59422

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A person contacted me through my makeup website and asked to be contacted via her email. I then contacted her asking how I could help. She proceeded to tell me in email how her daughter was getting married and she wanted to get her a makeup gift. She told me of story of how she was deaf and hoped I would treat her like any other customer. And then proceeded to tell me how she does not use credit or debit cards and would send a check via mail to place her order. A few days later she emailed me saying her “secretary” sent out the wrong amount and what I received was suppose to go to her event planner. She wrote she hoped I was a “god fearing person” and needed a huge favor from me to do the right thing and only take the amount needed for the order and send the rest back. Once I did not reply all weekend. She contacted me via phone number hounding me to go and pick up the check, it was a weekend and the post offices were closed. Once I finally received the check I verified it with my bank to find out it is fake.

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