Kristopher – Oct 25, 2020

I thought I was paying only $1 but then a month later I got charged $30! Idk how but I’ll be more aware next time.

Cristina – May 25, 2020

I paid $1 for a bracelet as advertised on instagram, before the company rebranded from Wander to Rainbands. Never received a bracelet and the oder tracking link still says “processing” three months later. Contacted customer service by email and was told they could not refund my dollar because the order had already shipped, there was just a problem with the tracking…That was over a month ago. Pretty sure this “company” just scammed a bunch of people out of a dollar each.

Erin – May 04, 2020

Victim Location 49546

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw an ad online (I believe instagram) for a company selling bracelets for only $1. Purchased one and never received it. On top of that I was later charged $30 for a subscription I did not authorize and was never made aware of. Later find out they have "rebranded" and changed their domain from Wander Bracelets to Rainbands aswell and upon doing so must began displaying on their new website that the one time $1 fee would really also $30 monthly. Customers who made their purchase before this rebranding were not aware of this which is backed up by dozens of angry reviews on their facebook page with identical stories to mine. https://m.facebook.com/rainbands.co/

I have more info because I did a lot of digging on this "company" but I feel this covers the basic gist. (Plus it is a lot to type) I can however share all additional info I have if necessary!

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