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Micah – Apr 20, 2020

I got contact from Mistie Raelynn AND Adilene Rochas using the same email address [email protected] I recieved a check for $2300 to be a Personal Assistant. The check arrived with a company from New Jersey. I found the company online, who had a good reputation via Better Business Bureau. I contacted them and they immediately replied that “someone is sending fraudulant checks” in their name. Don’t cash or deposit the checks.

Beth – Mar 30, 2020

She sent me a check, the check cleared and I was instructed to send the money through Venmo. I then became suspicious and found this post. The bank then contacted me and informed they would have to close my account and I owed them the money.

Alan – Mar 30, 2020

I found a job posting on Indeed.com and responded to [email protected] Seems very legit. I received a reply 5 days later from the email you mentioned above…at aol.com. the wording of the email sounded odd and some of the requests for work were mailing items from post office, going to department stores. right now with Covid19, most of our department stores are closed. I have no replied and actually googled her name and did find what I think is a valid website. I emailed them to let them know that people are concerned. If it’s real, then I’ll know and if it’s not (and I’m pretty sure it’s not), then they will know. I’m glad I found this website.

Jeffrey – Mar 25, 2020

I just gotten into the same mess.
Mistie Raelynn is a scam. I did not lose money but she sent me a check of $1970, already paying me before I started doing work. No employer does this. Be cautious and don’t fall for anything like this. Everything was sus in the first place. Pay listed was 20/hr on indeed but she emailed saying 650 a week for 15 hrs. Which equals to about 43/hr which is ridiculously high for someone looking for an entry level job.

Cassie – Mar 22, 2020

Scammer’s phone 940 274-4338

Scammer’s website raelynnconsulting.com/contact-us

Scammer’s address 350 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90071

Scammer’s email mailto:[email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Email

Below is the reply I got from her thanks for the alert!

Hello again 🙂

Little bit of myself and what I do, as a consulting and contracting civil engineer, I am involved in the design stage of this project in collaboration with architects and other professionals. It is my responsibility to turn the plans of our research team into reality, dealing with practical issues such as obtaining materials and meeting deadlines, and helping to resolve any problems that arise. My knowledge of design and construction methods as well as of health and safety matters is very paramount, the Amazon is more dangerous than ever.

How many hours do you feel comfortable working for each week? Do you have a vehicle or will you be running errands using public transportation? Whatever the case may be, you will be reimbursed for mileage/travel expenses.

That said, I would like to hire you for this position, would you be willing to work as my personal assistant until I return from Brazil ? If yes, you will be working independently on your own from home until I return. All the tasks will be assigned to you via email communication since I am physically in Brazil. Communicating by email is fine as we keep a record of every instruction or errand, without missing any detail.

You are required to accomplish the tasks and report back to me via email. As my personal assistant, you will perform tasks I normally do but no longer have the time to do on my own due to my busy schedule. Errands such as shopping, pick up of supplies from departmental stores, occasional trips to the post office and bank etc.

Like I said before, the hours are flexible so you can spread those hours on your own time. Let me reiterate that this position guarantees $20/hour plus travel expenses/mileage. If you are traveling to complete a task, the travel/wait time will be counted as on the clock so I expect you to keep track of your worked hours.

If you accept this role, I will send a check to you in time to start as soon as possible. How should your name be written on the check? What is the mailing address you would like the check mailed to? Please send the information to me in this order:

Name on the check :
City, State, Zip code:
Cell phone Number:
Alternative Email:

We shall meet when I return from Brazil to discuss the possibility of making this position long term.

Please feel free to ask should you have any questions.

Mistie Raelynn
E: [email protected]

Rose – Mar 30, 2020

so even the real website for Mistie Raelynn is wrong? I thought the website (Raelynn Consulting Services Inc) was an actual person, but someone else was using their names/identity/company name? either way I figured it out pretty quickly thank God, but I did email the contact us section of the website. I did think that was real, but they were actually a victim in this by someone else.

Logan – Mar 22, 2020

I too was just recently contacted by [email protected] just this morning wanting to hire me as her personal assistant. Wow! I was almost fooled! So glad I looked up her name and found these posts! Horrible for a person to do this and I even got the posting on Indeed app. Do they not check for scams?

Vincent – Mar 22, 2020

Hmmm, I would love to hear more about this. I applied to a position for an ad that was listed on indeed and she emailed me back. Please elaborate.

Jermaine – Mar 22, 2020

Got this interaction. Thanks for warning!
“ Thank you for your email, I hope this message finds you well. This is a part time position that allows you to work remotely from home. In addition to working full time in one career as an engineering consultant, I am physically in Manaus, Brazil right now conducting a research on bauxite and gold mining in the Amazonas so I expect my time to be quite limited as I focus on these two full time endeavors. In the meantime, I’m looking to hire a personal assistant to support me in a variety of areas; someone who can perform specific business tasks as I assign them. This might include running various errands such as:

Buying Items from departmental stores
Drop off documents to the post office and locations in town
Occasional bill payments
Light shopping and occasional trips to the bank

-Ability to work independently and confidently
-Ability to work efficiently and multi – task
-Ability to meet deadlines in a timely fashion, prioritize assignments (with little supervision)
-Willingness to take direction, positive can do attitude

Pay period: Weekly
Compensation: $20.00/hour
Travel expenses and mileage will be compensated

Work hours will vary from 10-20 hours weekly. The hours are flexible so you can spread those hours on your own time. How many hours can you work for every week?

All tasks can be completed remotely so long you have access to the post office and departmental stores in your neighborhood.

I need someone who is very flexible and is an enthusiastic learner. I will maintain a fair degree of flexibility in terms of working around your other commitments, provide a clear set of instructions for each task and adequate funds to cover all expenses. I am looking to hire someone for this role immediately so let me know if you are available to fill this role.

Please advise,

Mistie Raelynn
E: [email protected]

Claire – Mar 10, 2020

I also received an email and a fake check a poorly constructed fake check I might add. But I seen the signs of a scam right away. Who would send a check for $1950 to someone they have never even spoken to in person or asked any personal details. BE AWARE!

Karen – Feb 27, 2020

Same person same scenario, I to thought I was to smart to fall for something like this, did research on the company, but apparently not enough soon enough.
Location: 65336
total money lost $1850.
Type of scam employment.
I wish that there was a way to red flag this person.

Garrett – Mar 22, 2020

Hi just curious. How did you lose money? I received an email from her.

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