Radio Ready

Cassie –

Victim Location 14850

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A man named Nick found my music online and emailed me that he has a PR company that helps independent artists, Radio Ready PR He called me for a couple weeks, and when I gave him the chance to pitch, we spoke for 30 minutes. When we first discussed this business arrangement, he stated his company would do several things for me, in exchange for his fee of $800 (which I got reduced down to $600 because I had already finished some of the items myself):

1. Artist Development –

Register through BMI, Soundexchange

*(Which I did on my own.)

2. Distribution – Rootnote, Level, Spotify playlists

*(This never happened.)

3. Web presence – Bio, EPK, PR, Google search, SEO, music hosting sites

(1. I answered the questions provided to me in an email, they were copied & pasted into a longer bio, a press release was written from this, and an EPK was generated. The site was sloppily put together and my request to alter it was never honored nor responded to.

2. haven’t heard or seen anything about web presence/ search optimization.)

4. Sync licensing for film, tv, commercials.

*(Haven’t heard anything about this.)

5. A campaign would follow, with:


(The only thing accomplished)

B) Website

*(Which I paid to license and edit via Wix separately, but haven’t gotten nor anything close to what I referenced/asked for)

C) 220-230 college radio stations to promote to, 86% royalty in US/Canada.

*(I’ve heard nothing about this.)

D) Blog features, potentially magazine


Out of 8 total actions offered, he accomplished 2 (the simplest), and attempted/addressed a 3rd (the clumsily pasted website).

I realized he was not fulfilling the agreement and then found a few negative reviews of his company via Reddit. I called him and requested a partial refund over email. Since he took 20 minutes to initially speak on the phone, another 10 to help with BMI/Soundexchange registration, as well as maybe 10-15 min to copy and paste my files into an EPK, I concluded he spent an hour, maybe an hour and a half tops on attempting to appear he was doing the services he promised to do. I asked for an explanation of why I’m not receiving the services and requested a partial refund; he responded immediately by saying he had a lot going on with family problems, and would get back to me. A few weeks later, I asked again, and he said he would look into doing a partial refund. I told him I would be reporting his company to if I received no response, and every month or so for a bit, I e-mailed him and called him. He has not responded since May 20, 2019. The Radio Ready website and company’s Facebook page have been taken down.

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