Radiant Cash

Ryan –

Victim Location 60647

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The company hacked into my checking account, took my bank account number and email address and began sending me emails saying I was approved for a loan, but because I never applied for a loan, I figured it was credit card spam or a virus and ignored the emails or deleted them. One morning I wake up with $300 extra in my account and found out it was put in there by Radiant Cash. I put the two together and went back to those emails I had ignored and found out that they put the $300 in my account and were now trying to hold me to a loan to pay back $1,200 for a loan that I never applied for. I emailed the company right away and they promised me the money would be taken out of my account and I would not be obligated to repay this loan. However, five days later, they sent me an email saying that I was obligated to the loan, despite my protest that I never applied for a loan. They told me that I could send in an affidavit of identity theft, which I took to my bank. My bank told me that the affidavit asks for too much information that is untypical to ask for, such as a copy of my lease agreement. This is most likely so they can get more personal identification information from me to hoard along with their other illegal information so they can continue to scam people. I am literally being framed by this company. I asked them to show me a copy of the application and they refuse to do so until I send them a a copy of my lease agreement, insurance bill or utility bill even though standard procedure is to simply have your affidavit signed in the presence of a law officer or notary, who verify your identification.

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