Radiance Finance

Juan –

Victim Location 33125

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for an online loan and they contacted me in regards to it. Immediately they began with the harassing phone calls and then stopped. This was about a week ago, then today I received the call and told the woman I was no longer interested in the loan and she told me it was unacceptable and that that wasn’t an excuse. That I needed the loan. I told her again that I was no longer interested in the loan and told me to shut up and said she would be pulling out $199 dollars from my account in the next 24 hours. I continue to argue with her and she hung up the phone. I called back and while calling she called me back to continue to say they were taking the money from my account. So I told her she was stealing the money and she continued to say that they are taking my money.

Hillary –

Victim Location 75852

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The above scammer texted me and said that my loan got approved and that my $500.00 would be deposited into my banking account tomorrow. At the time I did apply for a loan online but this company’s phone numbers are not legit at all. It turn out that this number and Radiance Finance was a fraud! How I found out about the scam was through my Bank when the scammers tried to deposit 3 frauldrant checks into my account with somebody else signature on them. My bank told me that my account had got compromised and they closed out my account. BEWARE of these 2 phone numbers. Both numbers are a fraud!!!!

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