Radiance Finance LLC

John –

Victim Location 28634

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Said I was approved fora loan but to verify I am who I said and the owner of the bank account they are depositing the loan into they will be depositing a small goverment funded amount into my account and I was to send it back to them via "verification card" that they would walk me through how to return the money. The small goverment amount was 740.00 deposited into my acct via a mobile deposit of a check from the united states treasury for tax refund 2018 from Kansas in my name. I did not sent the money back bc I realized it was a scam but a little to late.. It cleared in my account then of course 3 days later was returned and I was locked out of all my online banking bc my checking account was closed as was my son’s bc it was a minor account with me as the custodian bc of the fraudulent check that was deposited into my account. The guy even sent me loan documents and when he realized I was on to him he threatened to file charges against me for not sending the " goverment funds" back. They said they were backed by the ScamPulse.com and when I researched thier business it looked legit bc they used a legit company name and just changed 1 letter..

Alexandra –

Victim Location 12020

Type of a scam Other

I had applied for information to get financing via a website (instantcashpot.com), and I received a call from Radiance Finance from a number that I didn’t instantly recognize. I then received a text indicating an approval and to call back. I called back, and a man with a foreign accent answered, read me back my personal info that I had submitted to instantcashpot.com, and then was sent a message that an accounting manager would call back. After asking questions about my banking history, the person said that to get started, I needed to provide them my Online Banking login info. This is where I immediately became skeptical. They sent what appeared to be a loan document, of which the emailing and the document led me further suspicious of a scam. The email used was [email protected], and within the document, FDIC is referred to as the Federal Department Incurrence Corporation, ScamPulse.com reserving the right to increase/decrease loan amount, an FDIC watermark image on each page of the document, and a reference to Moneygram as a shareholder. Also, upon review, there is no such business registered or accredited by the BBB. When I challenged the legitimacy of this operation with a person who kept texting me, they stopped responding.

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  1. Thank you for your input. I am happy I checked the site out for scam and reviews and read these reviews because I was about to apply. Thank you for saving me!!

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