RAB Computer Repairs LLC

Casey –

Victim Location 39564

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on my computer last Friday Jun 2nd and a big red screen flashed on my computer saying thing likes warning you computer needs repair immediately! I was alarmed and in the message it said to contact Microsoft immediately and to call the number, (which I failed to write down) so I called, thinking it was a legit message and called the number. The so called company RAB Computer Repair answered. They proceeded to tell me they needed to fix my computer I said I guess so. They were difficult to understand. They said they were based in Illinois. Their background noise was very loud like a bunch of people talking in the background. I’m not computer savvy go I listened and tried to understand what they were saying Bottom line is I need to choose which package I wanted. 3 year deal for $199.99 or $299.99 lifetime. I said I guess the 3 year plan. Thy told me to write out a check and put it in a BLANK envelope an UPS would pick it up on Monday. I had the weekend to think about it I’m not nor did I give them a check. They would have had access to my bank account. Oh they also stated during the conversation that they could get my money out of my account in a matter of seconds. The guy claims his name is David Sherman which I doubt is real. Come Monday and everyday this week they have been calling me I’m not answering them. My caller ID shows the name as Lalji Sahni. I almost took the bait, hook, line and sinker fortunately I didn’t. I would just like to warn others out there that this so called company is out to scam you. Thanks for taking the time to read this I’m in hopes they can be stopped.

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