R W Associates

Chelsea –

Victim Location 08098

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a voicemail from the number "+0" caller was "Richard W***" reaching out to me in regards to a file that was submitted over to my office this morning and I was trying to get a hold of you just to verify if you had received any of the documents that were sent over to your residence. He had my full name and address. Wanted to go over the specifics of the file with you before processing anything. The number he gave to call back was 657-204-2836.

I called back, a girl named Jennifer answered and when asked said the company was RWP in California. When I asked for more information prior to giving out my information they hung up.

I called back again and a man named "Calvin" answered, after asking more than once he said his company was R & W Associates from Los Angeles, then he started recording the phone call. I told him it was illegal to record without my consent and he should know this if he as a law firm. He wanted to know my name and I said not until I find out where he was located so I could make sure it was legit. He cursed out me yelling that I called him. I asked for his actual address and he hung up.

The original voice mail they left for me, they had my full name, my street address and my Birth date. That is the scary part. I researched this on the internet and others have had the same experience. They also reach out to relatives that you "may" have lived with at one time. They never say the company name unless you ask them over and over, and they aren’t consistent with the company name .

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