R & B Supply Co., Inc

Thomas –

Victim Location 14502

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

A person called our company and asked to speak to the shop manager. They told him they would send free samples of an air hose with fittings.

They shipped the items and then sent an invoice for $257.95 for 25′ of air hose. When the invoice was received, we called and questioned the invoice. We were told we could send the air hose back within 45 days and the charge would be negated.

We asked for UPS account number or label, they refused and the woman "Beverly" became belligerent by shouting, began insulting a worker, would not send proof of a transaction or any notice that we would be billed for these items. She then hung up the phone after shouting for about 5 minutes.

We will not be paying the freight back on these items as they were explained to us to be "free samples".

Pretty sad scamming small businesses– I almost feel bad for the workers, but it’s a choice that they made to work for a scam company. You can do better, Beverly!

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