R.A.M. L.L.C.

Billy –

Victim Location 01364

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Repeatedly called my phone until I called back. When I asked about their company (wanting to make sure this was a legitimate company and research their credentials before giving them any information) they hung up, repeatedly. Twenty phone calls later they finally gave me their company’s name, R.A.M. L.L.C., a "debt collection and mediation group" located out of Charleston, South Carolina and when I searched the ScamPulse.com website for R.A.M. L.L.C., I found that they do not exist. Whilst talking to them, they repeatedly tried to get me to say both my name and the word yes, not any variation of the word yes, but yes exactly, which I refused every time, and every time i refused I could hear the person on the other end getting audibly frustrated. I then explained that their company had not shown up on the ScamPulse.com’s website and they hung up on me again.

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