Pure Storage- IMPOSTOR

Alexander –

Victim Location 91325

Type of a scam Employment

I was approached through text message by an individual who stated that they received my resume and they had a position open for a "creative director" remote. After some conversation, they told me to get a briefing from their "hiring manager" on google hangouts. The conversation went back and forth, but the information I would get would be vauge and my questions wouldn’t get answered in a direct way. After the briefing, they gave me interview questions that was emailed to me, which I filled out and sent back. The following day, I was notified that I was accepted as the creative director and then they continuously proceeded to tell me that I would have to purchase equipment that would become my "home office". The list of the equipment was lengthy and it contained various electronic devices. Afterwards, they stated that I would have to pay for the equipment out of my own pocket, and that the company would reimburse the amount to me while im in "training". While in "training" they told me to go to my nearest CVS and purchase a $400 giftcard to Amazon or Ebay in order to buy the software from their vendor. They claimed that the vendor only accepts purchases through giftcards because "the vendor’s are certified with Amazon and Ebay". They continued to push me into moving forward and making the purchases. Soon after, I became suspicious and after looking closer at the email, contract, and looking through the companies linkedin and website, I came to the conclusion that the information and details did not add up, and I did not continue the conversation with the individual.

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