Ronnie –

Victim Location 91351

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hi I’m 18 years old and wanted to share this pet scam that is going on. I don’t want anybody else to get scammed like I just did.

I was looking for a puppy and had been on several popular sites for finding puppies. Through Puppyfind.com I found the puppy I wanted and contacted the breeder from the ad listed on Puppyfind.com. The first contact was via e-mail where they breeder sent me information regarding the puppies they claimed to have had. I had responded and asked for pictures, which they took about 4 days to finally sent me the pictures. They also in an email sent me a contract and how to pay for the dog, which I have copied here. After I received the pictures they wanted to ship the dog immediately, which I wasn’t ready to do. They also were asking about microchipping and required for me to provide personal info like the last four digits of my SSN, and my drivers license number. I didn’t disclose that information and found that a bit shady. However, I still wanted the puppy so after a few weeks I ended up paying the initial deposit of 350.00 via a payment app called Circle Pay. That was the app they requested for me to use. They also said after I had paid that they never received the payment and that they wanted me to open a dispute with Circle Pay. After a few days I decided on the date to ship the puppy at which time they asked for the remaining payment of 350.00. This time they wanted a different payment method via Amazon gift cards. So I went and purchased 350.00 dollars worth and sent the breeder the codes to the cards. They sent me a tracking number to a shipping company called Courier Express Shippers. I got a little suspicious when I saw that the puppies locations said it was in San Francisco and was being held there. I reached out to the breeder who responded hours later saying that the shipping company needed a temperature controlled cage and that it would cost 800.00 additional dollars which would be fully refundable when they delivered the puppy. At this point I now realized I just got scammed and was devastated. That was 700.00 of my hard earned money down the drain. The breeder kept insisting that if i gave them some money they would pay the additional and the the puppy would be delivered. I wasn’t going to pay anymore and decided to start researching scams and found that this was the typical way that the scammers work. I contacted my bank who said they couldn’t do anything. I contacted Amazon who tried but I just was notified that they can’t refund my money, and I contacted Circle who said the same. Be aware that never use any form of payment other than what can be protected by a financial institution, or a company like PayPal.

Below is a template that was used when I filled out the information for the puppy. This is a typical template used in a scam. I have reported the incident to PuppyFind.com as well. Most of these scams are not reported, but I don’t want this to happen again so I want people to be aware.

The total payment (cost and delivery) is $700. You are REQUIRED to PAY just HALF of that amount.

You will pay $350 now and it will take me a maximum of 2 hours to complete shipping and provide you a tracking number.

Once you have a tracking number, you track online and confirm everything, you can pay the balance $350.


I accept google pay or bank deposit.

For google pay, you can just download the google pay app at the appstore and set it up with debit card then make the payment to my google app account:

Payment email: [email protected]

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