publisher clearing house fake

Kyle –

Victim Location 45694

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

caller very convincing that i have won the publishing clearing house sweepstakes. he has a foreign accent and promised a new auto plus my ck. of 7900000.00 (seven million nine hundred thousand) and a letter with ck. came to my mail box with Federal Trade Commission logo and name of my notice of winnings. to be able to claim my prize i must give 35,900.00 to them. after not responding to them after several calls to my phone i finally answered their call while out on business and i told them not to contact me anymore and the guy was very angry and cussed me and said he new exactly where i lived and they are watching for me. about that time i reached the phone to my friend i was doing business with and my friend told him off. they have not called since. These calls came in jan.2019 and many calls after that to get me to respond. i still have these scammers name and materials and hopefully this info. will help others.

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