Public Defenders Office Chicago Reviews - Public Defenders Office Chicago Scam or Legit

Candice –

Victim Location 31216

Total money lost $4,360

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I got a call from Chicago saying my grandson, *** *** *** (he called my grandson by name), was in police custody for DUI Charges of point .10. The person stated he had a wreck with a lady and my grandson was injured, checked out by paramedics and was ok. The woman that was in the wreck was hospitalized and was 6 months pregnant. He said my grandson had a public defender appointed named Jimmy Smith (872)221-4238. Case#13A6785. I immediately asked to speak with my grandson. Mr. Smith advised he would check with the Public defender’s office and see if that was possible.

Mr. Smith called back and stated I could speak to my grandson, but only for a short while. A young man came on the phone and said, "Grandmommie, I need your help really bad and I don’t want my parents to know, as they will get upset." He stated that he attended a friends funeral and they went out with friends, got a speeding ticket after they went out and to get out of jail because his blood alcohol level was .10

What threw me is that this young man sounded like and spoke like my grandson. It was so incredibly believable. I thought that I was speaking directly to my grandson,and I was going to do whatever it took to help him.

Eventually, I talked with my son and he advised that *** was fine. I knew then that I had been scammed.

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