Psychic team

Rebekah –

Victim Location 95023

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammers offered a satisfaction guaranteed offers unlimited because I did not see any restrictions in their.every time the readers would be rude and thru out the service would not listen they would over talk and be rude.they falsely have more than 1 profile and when I contacted the company they basicaly said I was lying.ehen I wasn’t because the readers told me they had 2 profiles.not all but most.the company advertises $1 per min but then it turns to be $1.50.i contact customer service and they don’t reply besides the first times.thry ignore me,said they weren’t refunding when they advertise on some pages satisfaction guaranteed and others say I would be blown away.its a total scam.then they took my money every time I would call and the service didn’t even start at all.because their system would not connect me to their readers but yet they took my money and said I they wouldn’t they have more sites and more email addresses that if I’m emailing one site they email me from different ones.they also start steeling money when u call the answering machine that you have to call to get the service.and they are not supposed to charge till you listen to the readers voicemails.but yet the steal by starting way in advance of that and steal ahead and then cut you off on time and money.

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