Promotion on Facebook

Kari –

Victim Location 27349

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

scammer used friend on Facebook to page to tell me of their good fortune and winnings of $130,000 and that she saw my name on the list of winning names when she received her check from FedEx and wanted to know if I had received mine. I said no and she sent me a phone number to call which I did and got a "leave a message and google will check your account". I went to Instagram and told my friend what I did and she told me it would be better to text the number and say "my friend received her winnings and saw my name on the list as well and that I am ready to claim my winnings as well. I did that and got an email text shortly after. They were pretending to be her and I trust her that this was legit. We communicated only by text and if I had a question for my friend it was them that answered. I tried to call her directly but was told to just text she could not get on the phone right now. So to claim my winnings I had to pay the taxes on the amount first and get the amount based on how much taxes I chose to pay $1500 for $130,000 by gift cards of $100 each. Then they wanted more money. Told them I was done and that they should be investigated!

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