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Mitchell –

Total money lost $480

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had applied online for a loan and this company approved my loan with a private lender for $10,000 as long as I put up a security deposit because my credit isn’t very good. So for a 10,000 loan I was told I had to put up 1100 I explained that I have 2 kids and couldn’t afford it and that all I had to my name was 480 left from my family allowance. The guy had told me that he would talk to the lender and see if they could amend the amount owing, he then came back stating that they would so he convinced me to send an etransfer to a specific email which I completed he then advised me the next day that the lender was not ok with that and I had to pay the full 1100. I had advised that I couldn’t so he then stated that I would need a supporter to come up with the rest which he founding then received a transfer from an individual that was auto deposited to my account, he advised that I then needed to set up a Ria account and transfer the money to another individual in Jamaica. I had misspelled the persons name so I had to cancel and try again and or showed it was taken from my bank but I didn’t receive a confirmation number like I did the first time so I contacted Ria customer service who advised that there review department rejected the transfer and that I could never transfer to this person again. I had advised him of this and then he proceeded to state that we needed to find another supporter which he still hasn’t and I haven’t heard from him since 10 in the morning on Nov 22/19 and it is now 6 pm

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