Prodesk LLC

Brittany –

Victim Location 90713

Total money lost $2,666.66

Type of a scam Employment

The company had called and i missed the call and they emailed regarding the missed call which i didn’t notice until after they called again and i answered. During this call, i was asked if i could do a phone interview and i did. In the interview the details of the position, requirements and my qualifications were discussed as in a normal phone interview. Everything went as expected from a real employer. At the end of the interview i was offered the position and was told i would be emailed regarding the employment contract and more details. the email looked completely legit, the website given was a legitimate and well done website and the employment contract was well drawn out and official. I began the job and it went smoothly, responsive support, responsive training manager with phone number. It went completely normal as any job would until the last two days when the web panel used wasn’t working and the training manager wouldn’t respond to emails and the training managers phone number no longer worked. i worked a full month without pay and now i am getting no response from them.

Darryl –

Victim Location 28215

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying for jobs on indeed and a few days later got email from a Christina Hall. We had a phone interview and I got log in info to a work panel. Prodesk had me pick up supplies thats already paid for to work with. Everything looked very legit, even the clause where I had to wait a month before getting paid as a “probationary period”. I received packages and was told to take pictures of them and inspect for damage. I did about 30 of them and on the 30th day of employment right before pay day they cut ties with me and wont return my calls.

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