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Allen –

Victim Location 55109

Total money lost $39.96

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received 4 charges on my debit card for $9.99 from this company, then received 4 credits of $9.99. I called the number provided on my statement and asked the guy that answered what kind of company this is since it charged my card and he said that they bill for online purchases-typically for entertainment websites. I said I haven’t made any online purchases for anything like that. He asked for the first 6 digits of my debit card number and the last 4 digits, and I said I will not give them that information. He said he needed that to look up the account and look at the recent activity. He asked if it’s because I don’t trust them, and I said no, I don’t trust them at all. He then wanted my email address and said he could look up the activity that way and since I don’t have a clue what this is for I said I wasn’t going to give him any of my information. He said it’s the only way they can figure out why I was charged. He said that it could have been someone from another state and if he can verify that, he can block my account. I then commented that he’s basically saying someone has my personal card information and is fraudulently using it. He said he’s not sure but if I don’t trust him, I could have my bank call to exchange the information needed because they would know that the first 6 and last 4 of my card number wouldn’t matter and would give that information. I thought that was ridiculous and after I demanded to speak to his supervisor and he said they can’t do that, I let him go. I then called my bank after the call and they said they would never call and give out my information and the best thing to do is to change the card number.

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